La Jolla - BYU Idaho Apartments Rexburg

La Jolla Apartments House Rules (Addendum)

Welcome to La Jolla Apartments. This is part of the housing contract and, therefore, should be read carefully. Questions regarding housing arrangements should be referred to the manager at 208.359.1985 or

BICYCLES, SCOOTERS, SKATEBOARDS: Students must pick up a bicycle permit from the manager. Bicycles may not be stored in the apartment, stairwells, or corridors at any time. Bike racks are provided at each property. Students are encouraged to use a bike lock to secure their bike. Landlord is not responsible for loss or damage to any student’s bicycle. Students are responsible to remove bikes when checking out. During the winter months (December to March), students must move their bikes to the rack designated by the manager. Any bikes not moved to the designated area or bikes without permits may be treated as abandoned property and disposed of per section 13 of the contract.
CHECK-IN AND CHECKOUT PROCEDURES: Check-in and checkout procedures will be provided by your manager. Students are expected to leave the apartment white-glove clean including removing all garbage and leave the apartment immediately after having officially checked out. Students who fail to checkout properly may be charged a $50 non-checkout fee.
COMMON AREAS: Areas in the complex designated as common areas are available by reservation for exclusive temporary use. Students are responsible to leave these areas clean. Students may not store any personal belongings in these areas.
DAMAGES: Students are liable for any damages to the property. When more than one person is involved, each person will share in the expense. When students know who is responsible for any damage in public areas, they should provide such information to the manager. Individuals will be charged the actual cost including labor charges.
DECORATIONS: Appropriate decorations are encouraged. No items may be attached to the walls or doors with tape, screws, or nails. Windows and ceilings should be free from decorations.
FIRE/SAFETY: All open flames and burning embers, such as candles and incense are prohibited. Tampering, disabling, or destroying any smoke detector or alarm is prohibited. Tampering with a fire extinguisher is illegal. All outdoor walkways and stairs must always be free of garbage, bikes, etc. BBQ grills or like items may not be used anywhere on the property except for the one provided by the complex.
FURNITURE: All apartments come fully furnished. No furniture may be removed from the room, apartment, or lounge to which it is assigned. No outside furniture is allowed.
GARBAGE: All garbage must be placed in an appropriate garbage container and regularly removed from the apartment. No garbage, waste, unsightly items, etc. may be placed or stored on sidewalks, porches, stairs, or in other common areas.
HOUSEKEEPING: Students are required to maintain order and cleanliness in their living accommodations at all times. Apartment clean checks are performed regularly. Students will supply their own cleaning products to clean their apartment. Cleaning supplies must be appropriate for the task, such as using toilet bowl cleaner to clean toilets or sanitizers and scrubbing pads to clean sinks. Students will be charged $25 per hour if cleaning has to be performed by a management approved person either during the semester or following the checkout.
INTERNET: Students may not install or use personal routers, switches, servers, etc. that will interfere with the Internet service provided. Use of these items may require that the Internet service is disconnected until these items are removed.
LINEN: Students are required to provide zippered mattress covers. They also need to bring their own sheets, pillows, pillow cases, blankets, bedspreads, towels, washcloths, etc.
MAINTENANCE: Students are responsible to notify the manager or maintenance by using the property Internet portal or email as soon as possible if they notice anything in an apartment that requires repair work or maintenance. Do not flush anything down the toilet other than toilet paper. Students are responsible for unclogging the toilet and must provide their own plunger. If a reasonable effort has been made to unclog the toilet and it is still clogged, student may submit a maintenance request.
MOLD: Students are responsible to help keep their apartment clean and free of mold. If a reasonable effort has been made to remove the mold and it is still there, students may submit a maintenance request for help in removing the mold. Landlord is not responsible for any mold damage to student’s personal property.
PARKING: Students bringing a vehicle must sign a parking contract before they arrive. Upon arrival, students with a parking contract must pick up the permit from the manager during check-in. Parking contracts are sold on a first-come, first-served basis as parking is limited with not enough stalls for each student. Rexburg City ordinance does not allow overnight parking on city streets from December 15 through March 1. Cars without a valid semester permit properly displayed will be booted or towed. Repairing cars on the property is prohibited. Visitors may park during the day in the “visitor” stalls; a visitor pass may be obtained from the office for limited overnight parking. Motorcycles, scooters, etc. must park in a designated parking stall only with a valid parking permit.
ROOM ASSIGNMENTS: The manager is responsible for all room assignments. Students are expected to sleep in their own rooms.
STORAGE: Check with the manager regarding storage. If storage is available, it is accessible to all residents; students store at their own risk. Landlord is not responsible for lost, stolen, or damaged personal items. Managers cannot mail personal belongings. It is the student’s responsibility to remove and ship all personal belongings. Abandoned property will be handled per section 13 of the contract.
WINDOWS: Windows are operable and students must use good judgment when to open and close them particularly during the winter months. Screens must not be removed. Damage to the screens or windows will be charged to the student or students responsible.